Boltless File Shelving & Storage

Boltless File Shelving & Storage

Boltless File Shelving & Storage

Boltless Document Shelving Options & Benefits:

• Designed to store archive boxes the size of:

• No sway braces allows unobstructed entry from all four sides.

• A second level mezzanine can be added, racks to double your boltless shelving house without adding overhead.

• With a shelf size of 5’ vast by 2’ high by 2’ deep (the most efficient configuration out there) every file storage shelf holds as much as 20 archive bins.

• Most popular shelf width: 69″ wide.

• Obtainable shelf depths: 15″, 24″ and 30″ deep

• Hottest shelf height: 84″ high

• Shelving is modular, so you’ll be able to add on sooner or later.

• Set up is simple, requiring NO nuts and bolts, clips or instruments.

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Roll type cantilever is a lighter medium duty cantilever. Roll type is commonly used for furnishings storage and known as furnishings cantilever racks. Furniture cantilever rack could be decked to provide static storage just like pallet racking. It is benefit is that it gives simpler storage and retrieval of bulky or oddly-sized materials than conventional pallet racking systems.

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