India asks internet service providers to block WeTransfer

India asks internet service providers to block WeTransfer

India asks internet service providers to block WeTransfer

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To get the more attention-grabbing full-screen alerts back, go to Settings > Phone > Incoming Calls and tap Full Screen.

The order, dated May 18, from India’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT), which was reviewed by Reuters, does not specify a reason for blocking the website, but invokes a clause from conditions laid out for granting licences to ISPs.

The 50-year-old shared a small clip from her upcoming series, The Morning Show, where her character is seen throwing her phone out of frustration.  

That’s why it’s going viral. 

— Jason Imms 🅽🅸🅲🅴 (@jasonimms) December 21, 2021

So Wordle isn’t just a word game, it’s a conversation starter and a chance to show off on social media.

“Having the wrong amount on your return could trigger a manual review,” according to the H&R Block website, which could delay a refund for weeks.

HDR video looks great, but it doesn’t work everywhere yet.

Just make sure it’s secure so it doesn’t fall and remember to place it near an outlet so you can plug it in. Also, keep it away from the bathtub (duh!). You wouldn’t want to fry your Echo. 

If you can, mount it on a wall with a sticky strip or a nail.

She announced to her Twitter followers she was having to spend time apart from her  new boyfriend as she self-isolates during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ellen, from Wagga Wagga in south-west New South Wales, said she and her family freeze mince and ground beef in Ziploc bags after buying it in bulk when it is on special offer.

“The power of this article by Wen is that it challenges that, and this is the main reason why it has been banned from being shared,” he said, noting the party’s sensitivity around its anniversary.

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A central provision, Article 17, backed by the creative industry, would force Google-owned YouTube, Facebook’s Instagram and other sharing platforms to install filters to prevent users from uploading copyrighted materials.

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