About Us

Opportunities for Change (OFC), is incorporated to engage in charitable and educational activities while undertaking fundamental and developmental programs that support returning citizens (pre and post release) and the unemployed, under employed, include veterans; providing support to gain new skills and opportunities that greatly increase chances to be successful and productive in society; by helping to improve written and verbal communication skills, work readiness and financial management skills needed in everyday life. OFC also teaches business skills and certification skills to become entrepreneurs, giving individuals an advantage in business arena.


Edward R. Collum, Sr., Executive Director


IN LOVING MEMORY OF DONNA M RONCARTI Co-founder January 15, 1956 – February 23, 2015 Opportunities For Change, Inc. (OFC) is a nonprofit organization, established in Alexandria, Virginia in 2008 originally to provide services to returning citizens from the Virginia prison population; shortly thereafter, OFC relocated to Suffolk, Virginia to purchase a farm to further its program goals of providing housing, and teaching its identified population trade skills and how to start their own businesses. OFC met with many challenges in this area and in 2012 the organization decided to change its goals and objectives. Since 2013, OFC has been providing basiccomputer and soft skills training, financial management and job readiness training for the underserved, the unemployedand underemployed populations in both the Suffolk and Alexandria communities.

Since its inception, OFC partnered with the Virginia CARES and Downtown Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia where the organization provided outreach and training to over 20 inmates and underserved citizens with financial resources and vehicles. In 2013, OFC partnered with the Suffolk Workforce Center and became a community partner that provides onsite computer training and soft skills to aid in the growing population of the underserved, unemployed and underemployed.

OFC’s efforts seek to improve the employment rate on both sides of the labor market equation, including resources to help the marketability of individuals and employer-focused strategies to hire them.