To whom it concerns

April 2012

I have been addicted to drugs for most of my life; in and out of prison so many times over 25 years. I have turned my life around by the grace of God and now am in recovery for 5 yrs. I am only working part time so my money is little compared to the bills and obligations I have. Thank God I meet OFC who provides me help with bills and a monthly bus pass so I can get to work; programs and job interviews while always looking for full time work. They are always available to me for guidance in spiritual and moral issues.Praise God for Opportunities for Change
Alexandria, VA

To whom It May Concern:

Opportunities for Change
4400 Cherokee Drive
Suffolk,Va. 23434

April 5,2012

Since I have been out of prison I have had a very tuff time in finding work. I thank God for OFC it has helped me in so many ways.If not for OFC I would not have been able to pay my bill’s, with OFC’s help I have been able to keep a roof over my head and keep my lights on. The foundation has helped me get a truck so I can do odd jobs to earn some money. If it weren’t for the organization I would be homeless, with no where to go. What OFC has done for me is giving me hope and many reasons not to give up. I thank God for all they are doing to help people like me.

Thanks to the organization through donating to me a lawn tractor and truck I am starting my own lawn care business which is doing well.
Carl S

To whom It May Concern:

May 22, 2009

Since my release from prison Opportunities for Change has helped me with my rent while I was searching for work. In the six weeks that it took for me to become employed, I was a great comfort knowing that my rent was taken care of through Opportunities for Change. They gave me a sense of stability when I was under pressure.

I am also a Veteran, and needed surgery for a double hernia. Opportunities for Change suggested that I speak to the Veterans Association to get medical treatment. Having done so, saved me from incurring medical expenses that I would still be paying for, to this day. I truly appreciate all that they have done for me, and all that they will do for others in the future. May your Ministry be a blessing to all whom cross your path, and may God Bless you and your service.
Sincerely Yours,
William L.

To whom it May Concern

June 6 2012

I met OFC in 2009 through correspondence with the founder.They have been helping me both in financial and spiritual matters up to the present time.I would like to take this opportunity to share what OFC has done for me. I had medical bills for corrective shoes for which I could not pay. I have to have special made shoes due to medical issues. These shoes are rather expensive and would have been beyond my ability to pay. Had it not been for OFC, I would not be wearing my shoes today. It is through OFC that God met my needs taking the financial burden off me and my family.

Through OFC I was able to go to school and earn a certificate in Para Legal from Blackstone Career Institute. This had always been a dream of mine. I am now making steps to a bright future with the help of Opportunities for Change. I plan to be part of OFC continuing work in helping other like myself. May God Bless their work.
Brian B