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  • Dioceses of Richmond, Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD)

    May 2013 Grant Funding Year

    May 2014 Grant Funding Year

  • Josephites

    Workforce Development Grant for Native American and African Americans

  • Suffolk Workforce Center

    Office Space (in-kind)

    Print Services (in-kind)

  • Oasis Institute – Technology Training for Today’s World

    Course material for 33 computer training Advertising

  • Tech Soup/Microsoft

    Operating software (Microsoft Office Suite)/Tech support
    Grant Station

  • AARP/Charles Schwab

    Finance 50+ Course Instruction & Material

  • Tidewater Community College

    Desktop computers

  • DAAU Business Resource Center

    Training Space (in-kind)

  • American Red Cross

    Laser Printers & ink cartridgesr

  • Fundraisers

    Plant sales

  • Janet Martino, MD

    Data Based Management

  • Firesky

    Web & Database Developer