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Suggested cost including workbook $25.00

Introduction to Computers:
Windows 7/Office 2010: Part 1: Three 2 hour sessions

Never used a computer before? Wondering what all the excitement is about? Take this class to learn a bit about computers. This is a hands-on class that will acquaint you with the parts of a computer, working in
Microsoft Windows and how to open and use software programs.

Session one – Getting to know the computer: Session two – Opening and closing windows:
session three – Introduction to Word Processing

Introduction to Computers:
Windows 7/Office 2010: Part 2: Three 2 hour sessions

This is the second half of Introduction to Computers. You must have completed part 1 to be eligible for this course. Session four – Internet Basics: Session five – Email basics: Session six- More email skills;
how to create group emails

Looking at Windows:

Refresh the skills you need to work with the Windows operating system or just learn some helpful things about Windows. In this course, you will learn skills that are useful for beginning computer users including re-seizing and manipulating Windows, changing the mouse properties, using tool-bars, rearranging the Desktop and getting support online.

Writing a Resume:

If you are thinking about returning to the workforce, transferring to a part-time job or making a change in your life, you may need to create a new or upgrade your existing resume.

Learn the basics of professional resume writing and avoid the errors that are common on many resumes. You will leave this class with a professional looking resume.

Some knowledge of Microsoft Word and the Windows operating system are prerequisites.

Job Search Online:

Looking for a new or part-time job? In today’s world, the Internet is an important resource in the search for work. In this class you will learn to search for jobs online, post your resume and communicate with prospective employers.

Before taking this class you will need some basic computer and Internet experience



Suggested cost including workbook $45.00

All 12 contact hour courses are awarded a Certificate of Completion at end of course.

Introduction to Microsoft Word: 2010

In this course you will learn valuable word processing skills like creating, saving and retrieving documents; inserting and deleting text; formatting text; and using cut, copy and paste.

Before you take this course, you should have some experience with a computer and the Windows operating system.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel: 2010

This course teaches Microsoft Excel basics. Excel is a spreadsheet program that helps you manage mathematical information. It is frequently used in today’s workplace.

Once you begin to understand the basics, you will find it is an easy and fun application to use.

For example, you can use Excel to budget your personal finances and keep track of your investments. You can also use Excel to follow loan payments or repayments, compare different mortgages and interest rates and create invoices and more. Prior experience with the computer and an understanding of the Windows operating system is recommended

Intermediate Microsoft Word 2010

This course focuses on intermediate word processing skills like formatting longer documents, using clip-art, using templates and styles, creating and editing tables and creating mail merges. This is a follow-up to the Connections course Introduction to Microsoft Word. If you haven’t taken that course, you should at least be familiar with the basic features and functions of Microsoft Word.

Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint: 2010

Microsoft PowerPoint is a software program for creating and showing presentations that include slides, outlines, speaker’s notes and audience handouts. In this course designed for beginners, you will learn the fundamentals of PowerPoint. Practice using text, pictures and clip art, and then edit your presentation to make it look professional. General knowledge of the Windows operating system and some knowledge of Microsoft Word are recommended prerequisites.

The Complete Job Search: available in English and Spanish

In this course you will begin conducting a modern job search including planning and tracking, searching for jobs online, filling out job applications, writing and sending resumes and cover letters and interviewing. Prior to taking this course, you should already have basic Windows, Word, Internet and Email skills. This course includes the content of The Job Search Online and Your Resume, plus many more job search skills. This course is written as seven sessions.

Let’s Do Windows:Microsoft Office 2010

Want to make using your computer easier? In this course, you will learn Windows tips and tricks to make computing easier and more fun. Learn about the Windows operating system, customizing your Desktop, creating shortcuts and managing your files and folders. You’ll also learn tips to keep your computer running smoothly and efficiently.

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