Opportunities for Change

Fundamental Programs


Collaborations with local community partners; to teach basic computer skills through intermediate MS Office Suite Programs; offering basic typing skills from beginning to advance; as well as offering a three-part 90-minute interactive financial session.

Provides revenue-producing enterprises include, but not limited to resale of plants and small shrubs grown by OFC; resale of prison art createdby OFC’s clients

Future revenue-producing enterprises; refurbished computer sales; auto repair/resale; painting/drywall repair and other minor homeimprovement; Farmers Market- landscape services; and a call-center;

Hosting of the “ Jobs for Life” program, an eight week (sixteen sessions) work readiness program implementing the fundamentals of workplace success through:

establishing mentoring partnerships, implementing career & skills assessments; identifying community resources; establishing employer round-table discussions; teaching customer service, networking & conflict resolution skills; and overcoming roadblocks.

Workforce Training and Development



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    Automotive Repairs

    OFC teaches self perservance and the importance of becoming a Independent Business Owners.

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    OFC Computer Lab

    @ DAAU Resource Center Evening Classesfor the working individual

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    Suffolk Workforce Computer Lab

    OFC offers training classes to help develop individuals with computer skills.